Father’s Day Gifts for the Travelling Dad

This Father’s Day why not get your dad some travel products he will love, use, and remember every time he travels? We have compiled a list of products ranging in price, for that traveler dad you have in your life.

The first thing we have is humorous luggage tags. Who wouldn’t laugh at these tags after a long flight? People are more willing to help you if you can make them laugh – this could truly be the gift that keeps on giving every time dad flies! This can range in price from $10-$100. The ones we feature below can be found here, here, and here.






“Swiss Army style” USB chargers can be the most genius thing to ever be seen. Loose cords placed into a bag can be just as bad as those Christmas lights which always end up in one giant knot. This fancy product can allow dad to have access to most (if not all) of the chargers which he will need in a creative little switchblade look as well as being small and compact to be sure not to take up too much room – who knows leaves it more space for souvenirs for you right? This baby retails for $18, and can be found here.


Growing up your dad is always a superhero; the one who can chase away monsters, kill bugs, can lift you up higher than anyone. Why not stroke his ego a little more with this superhero suit bag – after all, it’s probably been awhile since you’ve told him he was your superhero. It is sold in British Pounds, but with the exchange it is $43 and can be found here.



On the more practical side, there is nothing fun about overweight luggage charges. If you are not careful, sometimes you will feel like it would be easier to sell your kidney than to pay those charges. This useful little contraption can help your dad save his kidney, and keep the weight of his luggage down. It is a portable scale – for your luggage! It is sold on Amazon for $25.99 and you can find it here.



A PiFi – a personal WiFi hotzone. The PiFi products and services allow you to save between 55% and 90% on mobile roaming charges. Whether you’re going away on vacation, work trip, visiting some family back home, or even arriving to your new country of residence, PiFi offers you the best solution – at the best price.  With the PiFi device, you can create your personal Wi-Fi hotzone and share it with up to 9 users. So if you are travelling with companions, you’re only paying for one connection for everyone! This costs you $99.95 which will lead you to hundreds of dollars of savings, and it can be found here.



Noise cancelling headphones. The idea of these had to have come from a frequent flyer who is stuck on a plane with loud takers, screaming babies, or just someone who wants some ‘peace and quiet’ to listen to their own music. The ones below are ‘Beats by Dre’ which retail for $189-$329, but you can definitely find a pair which is a little less expensive. Here is where you can find the ones below.



Maps. People love maps. Travellers love maps. There are a few different options here which are all unique and amazing in their own given way.
First being a world map laid out as subway map. Major cities are the ‘stops’ on the subway. This will only set you back $24.80 and can be found here.
Second being a typography world map. Each country is spelled out in eye attracting colours – it would be a show stopper hanging up on a wall. It is definitely different than the typical world map you see. The cost of this map is $36.99 and can be found here.
Thirdly being a ‘scratch off’ map. It is similar to the BINGO scratch ticket you can purchase for $3. The difference is that dad can scratch off all the countries which he goes/has gone too. There is also the option to get the scratch off map just for certain countries for a much more micro view. This map is $36.96 and you can find it here.
Lastly is something known as string art. Yes, like the string art which was big in the 1970s, but with a modern twist. You can find an abundance of these maps on Etsy ranging in price. The one featured below is $61.32 and can be found here.







The last idea we have for dad is a book by Blurb. Dad can go onto the website, upload his photos and within a few days a beautiful hard cover book with all of his travel pictures will be in there. It would make a great coffee table book! These start at $12.00 and you can find it here.


Commonly Used Terms, and Our Solution

In our previous post we discussed the services we provide. However, we realize there may be terms mentioned which some people may not fully understand.

To help you fully understand what services we offer, we have listed a quick glossary explaining some of the terms which we mention; below you will find a brief description recapping our previous post of the services we offer.

Airtime Credit – The actual time one spends talking on their cellphones is known as “airtime”. An Airtime Credit is a credit you purchase to give you a specific amount of airtime (talk time). Think of it like a prepaid visa; it is the same idea.

– The amount of data which can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. It is usually expressed its bites/bytes per second (similar to when you a driving and your speed is monitored by KM (or miles) per hour)

– A phrase used to describe internet access. It is commonly used by wireless carriers to describe its mobile internet access service.

DID Number – D
irect Inward Dialing; allows multiples lines to be connected at once without requiring each to have a physical line. For example if a company has 15 employees and each employee has a separate telephone number (or extension), within the same location, the company can rent 15 lines from a telephone provider which will allow the company 15 calls to take place simultaneously. A DID system does not require an operator.

Mobile Dialer
– Software application installed and used on mobile phones; it allows cell phone users to make VoIP (listed below) calls using a mobile phone and an internet connection.

MVNEMobile Virtual Network Enabler; is a business-to-business operation that provides services to MVNO (listed below).

MVNOMobile Virtual Network Operator
; a mobile service operator which does not own the network over the MVNO provides services to its customers. An MVNO enters into business agreement which a mobile network operator to obtain a large access to network services at wholesale prices, and then sets retail prices independently. MVNO may use its own customer service, billing support systems, marketing and sales personnel.

Roaming – the ability to move from one network to another (country to country, or sometimes even province to province) without interruption of service or loss in connectivity. Think of it like you are at home and making an international phone call and the extra charges you will incur for that call – the difference is that if you are roaming you are getting charged for just having your network turned on; you don’t even have to make a call or send a text message.

SIM Subscriber Identity Module; a small circuit board which is placed in your phone to identify your carrier. It can track how many and how long your phone calls are, how many text messages you send or receive, and really anything you do on your phone (which is how on your monthly bill it will show down to the second how much airtime you used etc). In addition to that it stores data on your phone such as your phone number, security data, etc. It also allows you to switch phones and keep the same data – take your SIM card out, move it to your friends’ phone, and still receive everything you would have on your original phone.


Now that everyone may have a better understanding of the common terms we mention, it will give you a better idea of what we do.

Just for a quick recap of what we offer, listed below will be some of our services. For a deeper look into them you can visit our previous post here.

(A) telecom services that cater to the travellers who go abroad for their needs for low-cost mobile roaming services for voice data and text communications
migrant workers including expatriates to cater to their needs for low cost international telephone call services, airtime credit recharge/mobile recharge/load cell phone services
(C) the Unbanked or under-banked or under-served to cater to their needs for low-cost international telephone call services, airtime credit recharge service and money remittance service

Some of our products

PiFiZone - products and services allow its users to stay connected on their mobile devices when they travel abroad and allow them to save between 55% and 90% on their mobile charges compared to what their local service provider would charge them. They can create their personal WiFi hotzone and share it with up to 9 users. www.pifizone.com


SafariSim- is a prepaid international SIM card specially designed for travellers. It offers all the standard services including voice, data and text and voicemail services. SafariSIM allows its users to receive and make low cost international calls to landline and mobile numbers. www.safarisim.com


Vive – is an Airtime Credit Transfer Service allowing you to send credit amount in local currency to mobile phones in more than 90 countries and to more than 300 mobile operators across the globe. You can load your family’s and friends’ mobile phone even when you live far away from them.www.vive.com


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