Ice Storm December 2013

The warm weather is finally here. The days are longer, the weather is hotter, and the kids are out of school. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to sit back and reflect on what a crazy winter we had here in the Greater Toronto Area with the horrible “Ice Storm of December 2013”.

This storm left over 300,000 residents without power – 72,000 of which on Christmas day, and 1,000 people needing to seek warmth at warming stations daily throughout the city.

One thing we can say is that the calm after the storm surely was beautiful.

The ice which clung to the branches glistened with breathtaking beauty in the morning sun.




With great beauty comes a great devastation – with an estimated damage restoration trumping $100 M (which does not include private costs to home owners). The devastation seen below is just a minor sample of the overall damage caused.




For more images on this beautiful devastation can be seen over here!

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