Welcome and an Introduction!

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new blog!

To kick start it we would like to give a quick introduction to our company and the services we offer with the help of our new brochures and flyers!

But first here is a quick understanding of the numerous different solutions we offer to save you money.

(A) telecom services that cater to the travellers who go abroad for their needs for low-cost mobile roaming services for voice data and text communications
migrant workers including expatriates to cater to their needs for low cost international telephone call services, airtime credit recharge/mobile recharge/load cell phone services
(C) the Unbanked or under-banked or under-served to cater to their needs for low-cost international telephone call services, airtime credit recharge service and money remittance service

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the products.

PiFiZoneproducts and services allow its users to stay connected on their mobile devices when they travel abroad and allow them to save between 55% and 90% on their mobile charges compared to what their local service provider would charge them. They can create their personal WiFi hotzone and share it with up to 9 users. www.pifizone.com

SafariSim- is a prepaid international SIM card specially designed for travellers. It offers all the standard services including voice, data and text and voicemail services. SafariSIM allows its users to receive and make low cost international calls to landline and mobile numbers. www.safarisim.com

Vive – is an Airtime Credit Transfer Service allowing you to send credit amount in local currency to mobile phones in more than 90 countries and to more than 300 mobile operators across the globe. You can load your family’s and friends’ mobile phone even when you live far away from them. www.vive.com


As I am sure you can already tell all of our products are beneficial to anyone and everyone. Everyone travels and everyone enjoys saving money. It is pretty simple when you think about it. If you can get the same end result for a cheaper price in the most painless way possible wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would!   

To summarize all this information – as we like to say here at Ecocarrier: CURB.

Connect with people
pdate your friends and family – and receive updates as well
elax knowing everything and everyone is alright
Build your relationships

It is kind of like a cycle when you think about it. As long as you can connect, receive updates, and relax – your relationships can build and flourish. We make this simple for you to do.

For more information on anything listed you can go to www.ecocarrier.com as well as the websites previously listed above.

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